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Karaoke 5 is an application with which you can sing your favorite songs alone or with friends, using the monitor of your computer like a real karaoke machine.

The program, which comes standard with half a dozen songs (like Imagine by John Lennon), supports these formats: K5, MIDIS, KAR, KFN, MP3, WMA, MP3 CDG, WMA CDG, CDG G, VS(Virtual Score), VIDEO ( MP4, FLV,...). So, you can load your own music without much trouble, having a virtually unlimited karaoke machine.

The free version of the application, which is the version you can download here, comes with "Applause Meter", artist posters, different skins, or previewing among many other features. All these are available via the main program window.

To play a song and start singing as loud as you can is as simple as double clicking on the name that interests you. In a second the video appears with the lyrics in a new window, and you can give free rein to your art.

Karaoke 4 is an excellent karaoke tool which allows us to enjoy karaoke, in the company of our friends, with endless singing and laughing, guaranteed.
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